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Our Physio

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Anatomy of the Foot

The foot consists of 26 bones. (28 if you include the two sesamoid bones under your 1st metatarsal). The great toe ig generally longest in the most feet, however it is common for the 2nd toe to be longer than the great toe. (this is commonly referred to as 'the greek foot')

The main join of concern in biomechanics is the Subtalar Joint which is the joint between the Calcaneus (heel bone) and the Talus.

The proper function of these joint is crucial to a correct and 'pain-free' gait.


  1. I know a friend of mine who just fell in the stairs and had fracture in Talus area as you have shown and we took him to hospital where they just gave him muscle relaxants and pain killers along with the advice of rest for 1 and a half month but he was screaming with complete leg pain so we took him to Physiotherapy North Ryde and he provided him some sort of relief so that he can barely walk with the stick and now is allowed to walk slowly.